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Enchantment from Hawaii by the Hawaiian Islanders

Enchantment From Hawaii featuring music performed by the Hawaiian Islanders is an album released on the Cameo record label.

The song playlist of the Enchantment From Hawaii record includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. Sweet Leilani
2. Moon of Manakoora
3. Sweet Someone
4. Nani Waimea
5. Mapuana
6. Minoi Minoi

Side 2:
1. Sea Breeze
2. Ebb Tide
3. Maururu A Vau
4. On The Beach at Waikiki
5. Makaha
6. Vahine Anamite

Information and notes on the back album cover includes the following:

The Hawaiian Islands have gone through many changes since their discovery by Captain James Cook in 1778. Originally a kingdom, they were annexed to the United States in 1898, became a territory in 1900, and, ultimately, entered the union as the 50th state.

While their politics have changed radically, the islands, themselves, have retained their beauty, their charm, and, most of all, the thing that has made these 6400 square miles of volcanic matter world-renowned tourist attractions - their enchantment.

What is the enchantment of Hawaii? Part of it is physical - the gleaming white beaches, the emerald waters and coral reefs that surround it, the majestic beauty Mauna Kea, Hawaii's highest peak, towering some 14,000 feet above sea level.

Part of Hawaii's enchantment is the climate. Warm, languorous days, filled with brilliant sunshine, punctuated by lush, crystalline nights. Even the breeze, coming in from the sea, ruffles the palms with a soft, gentle touch.

Still another part of the enchantment that is Hawaii is found in the people. Numbering more than 630,000, they seem to represent almost that many different racial and national mixtures. Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, American, European - all these and more strains are represented in the charming, gracious people who make up the population of Hawaii's 20 islands.

This, then, is the enchantment of Hawaii ... enchantment we've tried to capture in the selections included on this record. All are played in authentic island style by the Hawaiian Islanders, using the traditional combination of the ukulele, the steel guitar and native percussion. Listen carefully and you'll hear the pounding surf, the gentle breeze, the soft voices of birds. For these, too, are music ... music that is peculiarly Hawaiian ... yet another facet of the enchantment of Hawaii.

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