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Hawaiian Luau Party Tiny and his Hawaiian Bubbles

Hawaiian Luau Party featuring Hawaiian music performed by Tiny and his Hawaiian Bubbles is an album released on the Tifton International label in the year 1967.

The song playlist of the Hawaiian Luau Party record includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. Hukilau
2. Beyond The Reef
3. Koni Au
4. Hawaiian Wedding Song
5. Hano-Hano
6. Ebb Tide
7. My Little Grass Shack

Side 2:
1. Little Brown Gal
2. Sweet Leilani
3. Pearly Shells
4. Tiny Bubbles
5. Beautiful Kahana
6. On The Beach At Waikiki
7. Kauohi
8. Medley: Mapuana Aloha

Information and notes on the back album cover includes the following:

Welcome to a Hawaiian Luau Party... Join us in the Isle of Paradise with the exciting music and voices of TINY AND HIS HAWAIIAN BUBBLES. If this is your first luau, an explanation is necessary. The luau is an exotic ceremonial feast including music, dancing and food. It began a long time ago when native Hawaiians paused from their daily routine to celebrate the gods. As you sit on the sands enjoying the food, the beautiful and exotic Hawaiian girls dance the hula. The Luau continues until it is time to say "Aloha." Included in this album are the best known Hawaiian melodies played by one of the leading artists on the island - TINY AND HIS HAWAIIAN BUBBLES. While listening to "Tiny Bubbles", "Pearly Shells", "Hawaiian Wedding Song" and others, you can visualize yourself at a Hawaiian Luau Party.

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