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I Love This Land performed by Al Harrington

I Love This Land performed by Al Harrington was released on the Maui Records label, with conductor and arranger Don Costa.

The song tracklist on the I Love This Land album includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. I Love This Land
2. Living Together
3. Love Calls
4. Island Women
5. Dream Away

Side 2:
1. My Hawaii
2. Koni Au
3. It's A Small World
4. Minoi
5. Try To Remember

Information and notes on the back album cover includes the following:

If you ask a long-time Hawaii resident "Who is Al Harrington?" each will describe him differently. He has touched so many of their lives in so many important ways. Some will remember his outstanding academic achievements at Hawaii's famous Punahou school. Others will recall his remarkable skill on the football field, being the first player outside the mainland United States to be named high school all American; and that the Baltimore Colts once tried to draft him. Some may mention his scholarship to Stanford University. And they may tell of his being named one of Punahou's outstanding teachers, when he later returned to teach history there for five years. More recently: "he's Ben Kokua on Hawaii Five-O"; or "he's the bright and energetic entertainer who headlines in Waikiki."

The truth is that he is all of these. And the road that took a small three year old native boy called Tauasu Ta'a from Pago Pago, Western Samoa, to Al Harrington, much-loved entertainer and best friend of the whole town, is too much of an all-American success story to be really believed.

Young people look up to him as their modern-day hero. Older people wish all boys could be just like him. Entertainers and friends respect his lively talent and urged him along the path that led him to the main showroom at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Sheraton Waikiki and Ala Moana Hotels, and to his national popularity as a detective on Hawaii Five-O.

Al Harrington is a beautiful man. His ruggedly handsome face surely qualifies him for stardom. Al's love of his Hawaii home is reflected in the warm renditions of island songs. The gentle wit, agile mind, expressive song and uninhibited charm have made his Waikiki show one of the most popular in the islands. Visitors can fully experience Al Harrington and Hawaii with shared delight; local people return again and again merely to love him.

From the opening and title song "I Love This Land", delivered with gutsy power, to the sensitive and captivating melancholy of "Try to Remember", Al Harrington's voice reflects the depth and breadth of this man's magical life.

You'll be hearing more about Al Harrington. And there's so much about him to know. It will take you only a minute of listening to know he's very special - and years to know him all.

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