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South Sea Island Magic Alfred Apaka and his Hawaiian Village Serenaders

South Sea Island Magic performed by Alfred Apaka and his Hawaiian Village Serenaders was released in the year 1957 on the Decca Records label.

The song tracklist on the South Sea Island Magic album includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. South Sea Island Magic
2. Every Hour on the Hour
3. Let Me Hear You Whisper
4. Aloha, Kuu Ipo, Aloha
5. My Hawaiian Souvenirs
6. My Island

Side 2:
1. What Aloha Means
2. The Angels Placed A Lei Around Hawaii
3. When The April Showers Reach Hawaii
4. Star In The Palm Tree
5. My Hawaiian Song Of Love
6. Lani

Information and notes on the back album cover includes the following:

To Those Who Love Hawaiian Music - a category that includes countless thousands - Alfred Apaka is a name to conjure with. No one communicates the spirit of Hawaii more memorably than this gifted singer. His voice is not only one of the most enchanting but one of the most authentic expressions of the Islands.

Apaka is a handsome 200 pound singer frequently referred to as the "voice" of "Hawaii Calls." Curiously enough, originally he had no great desire to be a singer - his ambition was to be a doctor. However, his naturally vibrant voice attracted attention even as early as his high school days, and it was not too long before he became a professional. The orchestra leader at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel auditioned him, and he became the band's soloist. After six months, he joined Gigi Royce at the Young Hotel's famous roof garden and was NBC's "Voice of Hawaii" for a year.

In 1940 Apaka came to New York to sing with Ray Kinney's band at the Hawaiian Room in the Lexington Hotel. He was an instantaneous success. In 1955 he went back to Hawaii on a special mission. He was brought to Honolulu to open a new and sumptuous Hawaiian Village Hotel, the first major resort area of the $110 million hotel resort project owned and conceived by Henry J. Kaiser, the famous industrialist in cooperation with west coast builder Fritz K. Burns, thus Hawaii's Number 1 crooner became one of Hawaii's best ambassadors of good will.

The event was hailed throughout the country. In the San Francisco Examiner Herb Caen wrote: "Apaka is known as the South Sea's Sexiest Sound" - a description which is properly alliterative, full of melodic whisperings of the trade winds and the rhythmic beat of the singing surf.

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