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It Takes Two to Cha Cha Tango Samba Merengue Mambo Rumba

It Takes Two to Cha Cha Tango Samba Merengue Mambo Rumba starring Warren Covington and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra was released by MCA Records.

Dyed in the wool mambonicks will acknowledge no other dance ... to ardent tango afficionados, the cha-cha, mambo, etc. are just so mumbo jumbo ... and devotees of the cha-cha, the merengue, rumba and samba turn deaf ears and immobile feet to anything except their respective favorites. Most of us, however, like them all, and we like them tastefully intermingled.

In this sparkling new album, you'll find a complete Latin dance program ... at your beck and call for a delightful dance party, or, as the title suggests, a little toe-teasing, tete-a-tete.

In the course of this collection you'll find ample opportunity to try out those new cha-cha breaks you picked up ... or the Rudolph Valentino tango clinch you've been thinking about ever since you saw that movie on the Late Show ... you'll find that nothing unlimbers the hips more pleasantly than the merengue ... and nothing livens up a party more readily than the captivating rhythms of the samba. To represent the best mambos, we hear the ever popular Mambo No. 5 and Veradero; the rumba is given expression with Dansero and Stay Here With Me.

The incomparable Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, under the direction of and starring Warren Covington, presents one of the freshest and most colorful sounds in the music making business today. Warren Covington, an accomplished conductor, brilliant trombone soloist, and outstanding arranger and vocalist, has just ten years of television work, been closely associated with such great names as Perry Como, Ed Sullivan, Arthur Godfrey and Jackie Gleason. His trombone work has been featured with orchestras of Horace Heidt, Gene Krupa, Les Brown and Ray Bloch. As a vocalist, he starred on his own radio show, "Covington Sings".

Warren Covington's wonderful personality, his unusual musicanship and his ability to make the very most of the almost limitless resources of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, add up to some of the most excitingly new concepts in popular and Latin American music.

It takes two to cha-cha, mambo, merengue, rumba, samba and tango ... providing you have the proper accompaniment ... and here it is!

Side 1:

Noche De Farra - Cha Cha by Armando M. Wolff

Dansero - Rumba by Richard Haymen, Lee Daniels and Sol Parker

El Negrito Del Batey - Merengue by Medardo Guzman

Blue Tango - Tango by Leroy Anderson

Veradero - Mambo by Hal Turner

Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil) - Samba

Side 2:

My One and Only Love - Cha Cha by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin

Stay Here With Me (Resta Cu'Mme) - Rumba by Domenico Modugno and Milt Gabler

El Trago - Cha Cha by Richard Egues

Orchids In The Moonlight - Tango by Vincent Youmans, Gus Kahn and Edward Eliscu

Compadre Pedro Juan - Merengue by Luis Alberti

Mambo No. 5 by Perez Prado

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