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Let's Dance The Merengue Pete Balboa and The Nassau Palms Orchestra

Let's Dance The Merengue which features merengue music performed by Pete Balboa and The Nassau Palms Orchestra was released on the Capirol Records label in the year 1960.

The song playlist of the Let's Dance The Merengue record includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. Everybody Loves a Lover
2. Le Secret
3. Artistry In Rhythm
4. Arrivederci Roma
5. Brazilian Hobo
6. That's Amore

Side 2:
1. Get Me To The Church On Time
2. Melody In F
3. Near You
4. La Paloma
5. Marie
6. Lisbon Antigua

Information and notes on the back album cover includes the following:

Merengue is a really different and refreshingly exotic dance. Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic claim the honor of having originated it, and no one is certain how it began.

A plausible explanation is that a leader of island nobility, although he had a paralyzed knee, did not let this interfere with his dancing. His followers - out of courtesy, and because they knew a good thing when they saw it - adopted the same limping style, and Merengue was born.

This uneven motion still characterizes our more sophisticated modern version, but we take the liberty of bending both knees slightly, dipping the shoulder and head sideways over each foot as it strikes the floor.

Step on every beat of the music, counting from one to eight; accent beats one and five, leaning further with the body and taking a larger step on those counts. The basic step is a foundation for variations, once the fever has caught on. Use the same motion in forward steps and in alternating forward and side steps (stair steps), still remembering to keep one knee slightly stiff.

A tropical fever can sometimes make you delirious with joy - that's how most Merengue dancers feel when they really get going to boisterous, driving rhythms like the rhythms in authentic Merengue collection. The fever has spread far beyond the tropics, and so far no one has even thought of stopping it.

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