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Lush and Latin Freddy Martin and his Orchestra

Lush and Latin featuring the Freddy Martin Orchestra was released by Capitol Records in the year 1958. The linear notes on the back cover is as follows:

Freddy Martin in a happy go Latin album of South American rhythms for listening and dancing Lush and Latin.

Providing the nation's dancers with fresh, imaginative music has kept Freddy Martin at the top of the dance band field for more than twenty years. During that time, Freddy has brought pleasure to untold thousands via television, recordings, radio, motion pictures, and personal appearances. A versatile musician (as his first Capitol album, "Freddy Martin in Hi-Fi," makes abundantly clear), he has won worldwide recognition for his melodic adaptions of classical themes.

Here, the leader presents still another kind of Martin magic for listening and dancing - familiar melodies in sparkling new arrangements that are truly lush and Latin. The result is a dance fiesta of exciting, colorful rhythms, featuring the famed Martin sax and Martin sound.

Side 1:

Poinciana - features the rhythm section as an exciting backdrop for Freddy's mellow sax, string choir, and twin pianos of Bob Hunter and Dave Leaonard.

Miami Beach Rhumba - is a big band tour de force that brings the Latin beat into focus as never before, spotlighting Hunter and Leonard's dynamic two piano work.

Love Letters - a native North American ballad, takes on a new and excitingly different character, with Martin's sax showcased against the Latin rhythm section, two pianos, full string and brass background.

Bernie's Tune - combines a strong Latin beat with full orchestration, favoring the brass, to lend an invigorating quality to this popular hit.

Tea For Two - is as different and refreshing as a Cuba Libre in this cha-cha version. It's a real South American novelty surprise, featuring Freddy Martin's sax, the brass and Latin rhythm sections.

Malaguena - one of the most famous of all Latin ballads, is bright and rhythmic in this sparkling Martin version.

Side 2:

Prisionero Del Mar - is an outstanding example of the smooth Martin style, with strings and full orchestra backing the maestro's sax in a charming showpiece of Latin Americana.

Walter Winchell Rhumba - is a high point in the Latin dance repertoire. Martin gives it a spirited, original treatment in this arrangement.

It Began In Havana - a smooth dance number with emphasis on the strings, is an excellent opportunity for Freddy and the whole orchestra to present their concept of the sensuous Latin dance style.

Take The "A" Train - has Bob Hunter and Dave Leonard's piano artistry highlighting a swirling Latin version of this ever popular tune.

Autumn Leaves - never sounded more romantic than in this danceable Latin setting. The Martin sax sparkles through a choir of strings and scintillating rhythmic textures.

In A Little Spanish Town - is full of life and a bright, dancing beat, as the old favorite gets a thorough renovation by Freddy Martin in this great new cha-cha arrangement.

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