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The Romance of Hawaii by Webley Edwards and Hal Aloma

The Romance of Hawaii by Webley Edwards and Hal Aloma features a selection of 20 tropical songs on two stereo record albums.

The song tracklist on the The Romance of Hawaii albums include the following songs:

Album # 1
Side 1:
1. Ama Ama
2. Canoe Song
3. Kaiulani Alii
4. Molokai Nui Ahina
5. Thoughts of Love

Album # 1
Side 2:
1. Fire Goddess
2. Beauty Hula
3. Ka Kamakani Kaili Aloha
4. Puu Waa Waa
5. Island of Dreams

Album # 2
Side 1:
1. Song of the Islands
2. Lovely Hula Girl
3. South of Pago Pago
4. Puamana
5. There's No Place Like Hawaii

Album # 2
Side 2:
1. Hawaiian Love Chant
2. Pretty Maui Girl
3. A Flower Lei
4. Pearly Shells
5. The Aloha Waltz

Text copy and information inside the album cover includes the following:

The enchanted islands have meant many things to many people. To the Polynesian wanderers who first sailed to their lush greenery, they meant safety and a bountiful life. To the Yankee whalers, a safe haven, fresh water and the sensual joys of the scented wahines. To the early Christian missionaries, Hawaii was a pagan paradise, whose naked inhabitants needed clothing for their immodesty, and the word of God for their salvation.

Today's flower shirted, lei-bedecked tourist with ever-clicking camera, attempts to capture forever the colorful kaleidiscope of Hawaii, the sun, bronzed beach boys, surfriding, outriggers, flower leis, ukuleles, blue sea, swaying hula girls - a rainbow riot of tropic color.

For you, these records by the King of Hawaiian Music - Hal Aloma and Webley Edwards will transport you there, on the hibiscus scented, tradewinds. These haunting melodies will picture the enchanted palm filled islands, whose towering peaks scrape the cloudless blue of the tropic sky, as white surf rolls onto sun bleached sands. This is the magic of Hawaii. Aloha.

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