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Webley Edwards Presents Hula Island Favorites

Webley Edwards Presents Hula Island Favorites with Al Kealoha Perry and the Hawaii Calls Orchestra features a selection of popular hula songs of the islands, recorded on the beach at Waikiki. Released on the Capitol Records label in the year 1959.

The song tracklist on the Webley Edwards Presents Hula Island Favorites album includes the following songs:

Side 1:
1. Hukilau - featuring Halemano Nicholas
2. Ta-Ha-Ua-LA - featuring Haunani Kahalewai
3. Lovely Hula Hands - featuring Grandison Perry
4. Alekoki - featuring Haunani Kahalewai
5. Sea Breeze (Puamana)
6. Hula O Makee - featuring Haunani Kahalewai
7. Keep Your Eyes On The Hands - featuring Halemano Nicholas

Side 2:
1. Little Brown Gal
2. Kona Hema - featuring Haunani Kahalewai
3. Moana - featuring Bena Kapena
4. Kalena Kai - featuring Sam Kapu
5. Manu O-O - featuring Haunani Kahalewai
6. Blue Muu Muu - featuring little Iwalani Kahalewai
7. The Hands I Love - featuring Bena Kapena

Text copy and information on the back album cover includes the following:

This is a collection of the most popular hula songs of the islands, recorded on the beach of Waikiki. In the background are the true sounds of hula dancing - the whisper of grass skirts, the ka-hea, or "call-out" of the lead hula dancer, the deep beat of sharkskin pahu drums, the crash of split-bamboo pu-ilies, the crisp sound of swirling red-and-yellow feathered uli-uli rattles and ili-ili rocks, and the thumping of ipu gourds.

Hawaii is the land of the hula - the Polynesians's spontaneous expression of good feeling, action, color, ballet, comedy or drama - depending upon the particular mood or circumstance. The true Hawaiian hula is far from a cooch dance. True, it has some swaying hips, to keep rhythm of the dance. Mostly it is done in sketchy attire. And sometimes it is done with a naughty little wiggle - the oni-oni, which Islanders describe with mock solemnity as the movement from north-to-south, and the ami-ami as east-to-west.

Twice in its thousand year history, the hula fell into bad repute. In the early 19th century, missionaries from New England persuaded Hawaiians that their dance was wicked; and it was banned for several decades, until King Kalakaua, the Merry Monarch of Hawaii, defying austerity; revived the hula in his court, bigger and livelier than ever. Again, in the early 20th century, sideshow barkers found that a wiggling girl in a grass skirt - more often than not a pseudo-Hawaiian - was surefire at one-night carnival stands. But the Hawaiians calmly went on dancing the hula in their own wonderful way, and today, the hula is one of the best-loved dances in the world.

The wonderful thing about the hula is that anyone can try it. And herein lies its appeal to the scores of thousands of tourists who visit Hawaii each year. Teenagers find something in the hula's thumping beat; dowagers abd debutantes from Denver to Dubuque succumb to the hula's swaying motion, and take time from sunbathing to learn a dance or two. For if the hula is exciting to watch, it is doubly exciting to do.

And this album provides the music with which to "do it yourself". Here are hula songs that have become standards through the years, along with some bright new songs that are just now taking their place as Island favorites; and others with the compelling beat of the old chant song hulas that are still favorites after a hundred years.

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